When XKCD 1321 was published I thought it would be good to have it in an interactive format, wrote it down in my “Big Bucket of Ideas”, and forgot about it. I’ve recently pulled it out again, and turned it into an Android app.

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It’s live on Google Play, grab it and have a play!

Pick one of the displayed weather stations and find out:

  • Are cold nights becoming rarer?
  • Are hot days becoming more common?
  • What about hot nights? Is it too hot to sleep more often?
  • Are cold days less common?

Currently, the data comes from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s ACORN-SAT dataset.

Map of weather stations Number of days at Launceston Airport where the minimum was <= -3.5 Number of days at Alice Springs whe the maximum was >= 40.0

Get it on Google Play